Swimming in Mui Ne

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Swimming in Mui Ne

Swim at one of several nearby beaches, or in swimming pools offered by most resorts. Please keep in mind that healthy beaches change seasonaly. Part of the year, Mui Ne Beach is steep and the water is deep. The rest of the time the beach is broad and shallow.

Half the year the current is east to west, and the other half of the year the current goes in the opposite direction. In November and December it cam be very windy and the waves are very rough in late afternoon. Swim with great caution at this time and beware of strong rip currents.

Also watch for careless kiteboarders who may not see you. It is best to swim in the morning or late afternoons to avoid them.

Jellyfish are mostly seasonal. When the water is calm, clear and warm, watch for them spawning in shallow water. Jellyfish tend to be an all-or-nothing phenomenon in Mui Ne.

White it is very beautiful, we really can not recommend swimming at Ganh Beach , behind Mui Ne Village proper, because the rip tides are too strong and unpredictable. There are many stories of local children drowning.

The yearly Le Fruit Triathlon is held in Mui Ne on June 1, and includes swimming, running and mountain biking.

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